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Relationship Therapy


The biggest question I've heard from people is "When is the right time to see a therapist for couples therapy?" The answer: Couples should seek therapy long before they ever think they "need" to.  Most experts believe that therapy can be an important part of your relationship. "Most issues with couples start small and then grow in size when they don't get resolved. This is where therapy can help, by giving tools and techniques to improve conflict resolution," explained Kristie Overstreet, LMHC.


I believe both Dr. Julie Gottman, PhD and John Gottman, PhD would agree, and go one step further to identify couples that have reached a "gridlock" attitude, where a chasm of emotional distance becomes greater and greater with an intentional action to refuse to talk to one another.

Let's close the gap and redesign your marriage to be one that feeds from nurturing gratitude, understanding, and acceptance of the things we can not change. Let's commit to growing in change together.

"Relationships can be more than just two people coming together.  They can be stories of transformation and great contribution and meaning in the world."

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