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Shauna Sottery

Marriage Basics and Beyond LLC

Therapy and Coaching for
Individuals and Couples
Therapy Sessions
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Clinical Anxiety Treatment Therapist
Hypnotherapist, EMDR Attachment-focused Certified
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Sometimes this is about you pursuing a dream, a job, a career, or a new move and you need guidance to create an action plan to achieve goals and balance.

Maybe it's more of dealing with issues of transitioning from loss and grief or anxiety and fears about becoming a new parent, step-parent, spouse, partner, and you need help managing emotions to be able to transition around daily struggles.

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Relationships are the foundation for all interactions with one another.  Being married and staying married is no exception.  In a world that expects couples to conform into cultural norms, couples are under attack from the daily distractions of technology, social media, careers, busyness, parenting, etc. and can start to battle from within instead of for their marriage.

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Marriage Training for Engaged Couples
Bride and Groom

Want to know how to save your marriage before it starts? Then learn how couples express themselves under stress, deal with things outside of their control, and most importantly how each of your personality traits combine to impact your well-being and resiliency to create a truly unique couple that can only grow stronger through intentional actions.

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My Approach

Definitely not a cookie cutter, one size fits all approach! Instead I assess where you're at and tailor my work with you by utilizing  strategic, narrative, and cognitive behavioral techniques to deconstruct unwanted or ineffective scripts and replace with more productive habits and renewed thinking that create change from within versus on the surface.

"Getting to the root of all issues"
About me

I'm a Wife and Mom to two amazing kids and a husband who reminds me that I'm not perfect, yet loves me anyway.

I believe we all have a spiritual path and a need to feel fulfilled by living our purpose.

I'm a Life Long Learner that believes fighting for Your Relationship and being loved is more important than being right.

Getting The Help You Need

Being able to succeed in life takes consistent persistence. The tactics used to make you successful in one area, generally don't carry over into other areas of life, especially relationships.

Call to schedule your appointment now and start living the life you've dreamed of for yourself as well as within your relationship.

"First phone consultation without charge."


Proud Clinical Fellow and Member
Previous Member
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
Psychology Today
Education and Information for proper treatment and diagnoses
International Coaching Federation
American Hypnotherapy Association
National Association Women Business Owners
Network of Executive Women
Active Supporter
The first thing I noticed about Shauna was her warm, real, and approachable personality that engaged an entire group of reserved women to share their own personal adversities.

Christie Punch Michaud, Author

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