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The Whistle of a Bird

Updated: Feb 8

How many of you are either tired of being in quarantine, ready to break out now that your kids have finished "homeschooling", and summer is in a few days, or are just living each day wandering and ruminating in uncertainty?

Here are my thoughts on uncertainty and living in uncertain times. Some of you may relate. Some of you may say, what the F**! This is to be expected. I've long given up on my friend Penny the "People Pleaser", the part of me that wants to be politically correct and not make anyone upset. So here goes!

Uncertainty- It's here and not going anywhere.

We have the power to choose our thoughts, right or wrong, political, religion, etc...

We have ultimate dominion over our attitude, whether optimistic or just plain "the sky is falling mentality".

Love is not blind, we all see what we want to see. (unless you're physically blind, then you've probably developed a super "sh*t detector of who's who!")

One person's garbage is another one's treasure, even recyclables.

Depression is also known as "love sickness".

Is not your foe, it's your friend.

Growth and Change are part of living in the present.

My biggest complaint that I hear, is either "I can't change or He/She can't change". And I'd agree with them that they're right in their belief. They can only do what they think, feel, or believe about themselves to the fullest extent. The power of the placebo has been proven over and over in numerous documents and clinical trials. But the truth goes much deeper, you might say below the surface, right to your brain. Your brain can change neurologically at any point in life. If you'd like to know how to change your brain and make your thoughts and actions move in a more positive direction, then make the call. Some people wait and wait till the right time appears. Some people start dialing before finishing the article. I'm here whenever you decide to stop letting your thoughts and feelings hold you captive. Whether it's counseling through Telehealth or therapy for couples

all work done for yourself and for your relationships, counts. Remember you're not alone.

Here's to remembering how others overcame their thoughts and fears to serve our country and stand for justice, despite the fear of uncertainty. We love and honor you this Memorial Day.

With Grit, Grace, and Gratitude!

Shauna Sottery, LMFT, CCAATP

Marriage Basics and Beyond LLC

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